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Manual stretcher for a patient's transferring


o Designed for patient's convenient transportation in narrow spaces such as stairs and elevators

o Used as a first stretcher (auxiliary stretcher) for patient's transferring to the main stretcher

o Flexible, durable material, and comfort used for rescuing people

o Waterproof surface and easy to clean material

o Foam inside the stretcher to support the patient's back (Spinal support)

o Designed to support patient's body from head to pelvis

o Body belts installed to fix patient's body to stretcher

o Four handles for lift up

o Soft foam inside the handles for comfort transportation

o Maximum load weight: 159Kg

o Medical Equipment (Class 1)

o Used by official Korean rescue teams


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SKU: my-ST01A
  • 136 x 44.5 cm (53.5" x 17.5")

Located in Seoul, South Korea
Service in English, Spanish and Korean

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