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  About us   

  Myungmoon Medical Co., Ltd was established in 1995. We started our business in distributing medical equipment for our local customers that they could reach easily to the medical equipment for their healthy life.

With yearly experience and qualified service with confidence, we have been meeting our customer`s needs so we could expand our business territory to rescue equipment and health related education.

  As we always have been focusing on to manufacture the qualified products, now we are very proud of being able to lead this market.

As a leader of hands-on education, now we Myungmoon Medical Co., Ltd is expanding to meet world-wide customers with our proud and qualified products. We have been participating at various world-wide expo in Europe, Latin America and Asia to meet the global trend.

  Now we are expecting to make our history with global customers and we promise to do our best to supply the high-quality products.

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  Steps of Myungmoon   

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Myungmoon Medical Co.,Ltd.

To save life and for the better society

Located in Seoul, South Korea

Service in English, Spanish and Korean