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The basics of a prosperous society start from understanding and respect for each other


The geriatric simulator is designed for young people who want to experience the discomfort that older people feel in their daily life. The simulator helps promote social empathy and consideration towards the elderly population through experience.


*Made of different joint restrainers for realism of the body discomfort

*Old-aged eyeglasses of the six most common eye diseases among seniors are included

*Tinnitus noises simulator

*Compact bag for carrying and storage is provided

*Korean patent product


<Places where it can be used>
Geriatric Research Institutes, Various Hands-on Education Centers, Schools, Social Welfare Colleges, Various Service Industries


News article featuring mymedical's Geriatric Simulator link

Geriatric Simulator

SKU: my-9988
  • 32*62*20cm

Located in Seoul, South Korea
Service in English, Spanish and Korean

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