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All of our business are related with 'Life'. In our business territory, CPR and Rescue is to save the life and the motive of Hands-on education is to feel other`s life to understand better.

'For the life' is always intended to 'make better society' because all we are living and interacting in the society. So we are doing our business with this sense of mission and we believe our efforts will reach as many as can to achieve it.

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We are supplying various for the market needs both by importing and manufacturing depends on the business area. It is possible with many-years in market and field experience and with this service, our customers can meet their needs more efficiently through us.

We are very proud of being able to offer one-stop solution service for our valuable customers.

Myungmoon Medical Co.,Ltd.

To save life and for the better society

Located in Seoul, South Korea

Service in English, Spanish and Korean